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Essay example - Paper on Functions of Management

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In a society where the peace and safety of the citizens are threatened, the law enforcement agencies and personnel play a fundamental role. These persons are crucial in maintaining the order of the society and in promoting safety against physical and other forms of harm…

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The ideology of law enforcement field started sometime during the ancient Greek period where slave-prisoners were being used as guards of the prominent persons in several functions they attend to. The first organized structure of law enforcers started under the rule of King Louis XVI of France which was considered the largest but dangerous city of Europe that time. From then on, the development of the law enforcement organizations started to progress until the modern police organizations were given the blessing of the law to enforce the tenets of the society.
For centuries now, there have been many changes in terms of the structure of the law enforcement. Thetford (2001) stated the three major periods of technological evolution: the agricultural, industrial and information period. In terms of law enforcement, progression occurred from the agricultural to the industrial period. However, at the mark of the early information age especially during the year 1987, based on several studies (Law Enforcement News, 1999), there were very minute changes in the structure and organization. Moreover, no change was recorded in terms of centralization and decision-making.
Bureaucracy was also a growing tendency of the organization which makes it very procedural and complex. ...
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