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Term Paper example - Sociology Character Analysis of Sex and the City

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Fictional narrator and the lead character of the HBO series of the sitcom 'Sex and the City', Carrie Bradshaw is the writer for a weekly column with the same name as that of the show, for a fictional newspaper called 'The New York Star'…

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She is known for her distinct fashion sense particularly in footwear which is conspicuous in season four where she is invited to be a part of a New York fashion show. She stays in an apartment and works on her PowerBook where she writes newspaper articles discussing the different aspects of a relationship. In subsequent seasons of the show, she comes up with a collection of her essays as a book and commences taking assignments from Vogue which is a New York Magazine. The show portrays her as a home-person, proud of her one-bedroom in a rent-disciplined apartment which is in an Upper East Side brownstone. Though she has always been in long-term relationships with her boyfriends, she is entangled with a character called Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth who deciphers a complicated and multi-faceted on an off relationship.
Carrie Bradshaw seems like a sexually liberated woman and a glamorous exemplar of modern femininity. She is a wonderful sex columnist who does not need men for any sort of support or stability in life as she has a strong bond with the rest of the pals she lives with. She has encouraged females across the world to have a bold ownership on their femininity. ...
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