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Ron Artest

In spite of these tremendous victories and the immense talent that Ron possesses, he has been destiny's favourite child, in terms of getting into controversies. It all started off when he was playing for the Chicago Bulls. He had applied for a job with Circuit City, in order to avail employee discounts! Next, when he was with the Indiana Pacers, he once attended practise in a bathing towel and he also asked his coach for permission for exemption from practise, in order to promote a music album under his production company!
This is not all, the star player has also come under criticism and suspension for destroying a television camera, for getting into verbal duels with coaches and for using fouls. He has even changed the number on his shirt a number of times, which again was a topic of discussion. All these instances portray Ron's bad boy image and has earned him the wrath fo the media and other professionals in his sphere.
However, this has not deterred the 27-year-old player from being one of the best defensive players and neither has it dwindled the love of his fans. ...
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Ronald William Artest is a professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings, of the NBA. He was born in the year 1979 and has become one fo the most reputed players of the game, and was also named the NBA Defensive Player of the year in 2004…
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