Battle tactics of the U.S. Civil war

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The American Civil War continued from 1861 to 1865 and was one of the bloodiest wars of those times for both the fronts fighting in the war. It destroyed homes and families and people lost the sanctity of their minds. The American Civil War caused terrible slaughter on the people, which was mainly due to the use of inappropriate and old-fashioned battle tactics while using newly improved ammunitions and weapons.


War broke out and the rifles became a major tactical weapon of this war. (Dupuy, 82)
The military leaders of that era were aware that the use of the improved rifles in the war would certainly change the tactics that were used on the battlefield. At the beginning of the war, most of the rifles had slow dismissal muzzles. Thus, the men were grouped together to form a huge volume of firing unit, which would cause more damage to the opposition making them leave the battlefield. Although, later on, the effective range of the rifles and other weapons improved, the basic formation of the men remained the same. If the men were arranged in small groups then it would be very difficult for the leaders to properly control them and make them fight. Thus, to avoid such chaos, the units of men were properly trained in the weaponry division. The officers attempted to train the soldiers such that the troops could deliver their maximum potential and use their firepower properly to avoid losing. For example, the Zouaves were taught to drop down on the ground suddenly before the opposite unit could strike at them, then suddenly rise and charge them with their bayonets. However, when there were failures the troops, and not the tactics, were blamed. ...
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