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B202 TMA01

It is applied when there is a new employee who takes a new position in an organization. This process involves a new worker being introduced to his or her managers, supervisors and colleagues. They are also shown new ways of doing things, new environment and the employment conditions to help them learn the job. For instance, at the workplace, one is introduced to the orientation on; the job requirements, office layout, local workplace issues or customs, health and safety information and the workstation. It also involves the use electronic mail and communication system, working conditions, processes and procedures.
Apprenticeship is another training program where an agreement is established between a person (apprentice) who wishes to learn a skill and an employer who needs skilled employees. Apprenticeship is an industry -based learning system that involves combining the on-the -job experience with the theory learnt in the classroom. For example in an institution, apprenticeship for learners in a technical classroom may be a continuation from the secondary school system and then followed by successive years of on-the-job-training. When the apprentice completes the specified training period, a certificate of qualification is awarded.
Shadowing is the type of training where individuals are given a chance to broaden their knowledge and understanding of a particular role that co ...
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Many companies use various training programs within their management systems. These training programs are aimed at improving work efficiency .There are several types of training programs that an institution can embrace. They include: induction, apprenticeship, training centers, shadowing, mentoring, and coaching and job rotation…
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