Schedule and Cost Control Techniques Essay

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Section 1.6.1 Stabilize deal with the core process of implementing the new email system in the organization. This section is divided into two sections or two sub activities of go-live and post-live issues mentioning the fact that first phase of the project will look into the issue related with making the new email system live and useable for users whereas the second sub-activity will look into the post-live issue in order to check whether the new system is catering the needs of our users or not.


These activities will be performed to analyze the post live issues especially within the context of leadership review, stakeholders review as well as production support review. These activities will be done in order to judge the response of the key players involved in the project. I.e. the stakeholders. The stakeholders review activity will be performed in order to assess the response of all the stakeholders of the project. This is a stage where if we analysis suggest that the stakeholders are not particularly satisfied with the work done so far, the previous activities will be reviewed to analyze whether the system activities can be carried forward or not.
Section 1.6.3 is the most important activity to be undertaken as it will be the core activity where we will be making a transition to our new system. The sub-activities will involve the gradual transition to the new system with a final activity to review the defects and other transition issues. This activity will be undertaken only after the activities at section 1.6.2 are successfully completed. ...
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