E-marketing affect consumer behavior

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E-marketing offers a very cost effective way to reach a large potential market with a

diversified range of users using the Internet actually forming a kind of subculture within

the population.


With identity theft on the rise and

the average person becoming more concerned with privacy matters, those marketers that

can safeguard their customers’ sensitive details will be a better position to win more loyal


E-marketing is also considered an effective promotional tool because of its inherent

profiling ability. This refers its ability to collect and accumulate demographic,

psychographic, and historical data and implement promotional programmes to

accommodate and satisfy this information.

Personalization is what makes E-marketing most powerful. In addition it is also

important for the right marketing person to fully understand his customers’ needs and

desires and his own industry before launching any offerings (Hofacker, 2001).

More challenges and risks are involved in global markets.

Diverse issues have been identified as barriers for the success of global e-marketing

communications: variations in technological and commercial infrastructure across

countries, system compatibility issues, diversity of local regulations, security concerns and customers trust, competitive

factors in global markets, customer support in foreign markets and so forth. Security concern is one of the main reasons Web users give for not purchasing over the

web. The internet as a contemporary data highway on which the global information

society may be built is known for many security risks. Thus the vast development of new

information infrastructures will increase our dependability and might lead us to a

vulnerable information society based on insecure technologies.

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