Working in Partnership Essay

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Working in partnership provides an individual to find a way to meet his needs by combining and contemplating all the required services. This discussion is about Children in Northern Ireland (CiNI) which is a regional umbrella body for the children's sector in Northern Ireland.


The families matter has delivered appropriate seamless services for children and families that can create confident, responsible and empowered parents who can support their children to reach their full potential and become active citizens within their community and society. The establishment of children's centers has promoted integration and multi-agency working at a local level. A Joint Government Voluntary and Community Sector Forum were established to discuss issues of relevance to the sector and oversee the Partners for Change Strategy. The children's planning services was set up by the Area Health and Social Services Boards to meet the demands of vulnerable children. Besides these All Party Group on Children, Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance (CDSA) and Children are unbeatable campaigns by CiNI shows the importance of working in partnership to create an environment for children where they can exhibit their talents and develop their autonomous thinking and creativity.
RETHINK provides a wide range of services that includes advocacy, career support,community support, employment and training, help lines,housing, nursing and residential careand services dedicated to black and minority ethnic communities. Rethink is the leading national mental health membership charity center and it works to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life. ...
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