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Philosophy of the Person and Self Concept - Essay Example

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The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe have faced a widespread situation of chaos, challenge to authority and royalty and conditions of civil war specially in Britain, France and Italy. These circumstances - to a great extent - alongwith corruption in Church and political tussle between apparent Papal supremacy, Royal authority and democratic revolutionaries like Oliver Cromwell led better minds of Europe towards a quest for social and political order…

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Philosophy of the Person and Self Concept

The central theme of these thinkers, philosophers and scientists has mainly been providing a scientific basis for the need of order in society. A scientific foundation is being constructed in their writings through a concept of self and causal reasons behind existence of a person. This quest, in effect, finally led to the emergence of very strong strands of individualism and basic rights of the individual, namely, right to life, liberty and property.
Main tool of their, especially, Rene Descartes' pursuit of 'self' and 'a person's existence' is reason linking human nature, natural law and natural rights. This human reason as a faculty of human mind formulates a scientific and epistemological paraphernalia for 'self concept' and Godly human 'being'. Locke in his An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and Jacques Rohault in his Ultimate Questions: Thinking About Philosophy use primarily 'reason' as their major tool for scientific research and methodological strength.
Descartes in the first book of his Meditations leads the reader first to skepticism and then attempts to offer a solution. ...
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