The Legislative basis for the assessment of the Smiths needs; provision of service; and types of services available

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The Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 was developed to provide a system of regulation of care services across the nation of Scotland. The Act is anticipated to extend care provision and welfare protection to people within the community who are in greatest need of care services, for example, the elderly.


The standards include the concepts of; dignity; privacy; choice; safety; realizing potential; and equality and diversity.
In conjunction with the Regulation Act, the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002 seek to promote equity, choice and dignity among clients like the Smiths, by shifting the focus from institutional care and promoting a collaborative approach by health and care services.
However, there have been concerns voiced by critics that some of the objectives of these Acts are undermined in terms of discriminatory practices, especially toward elderly citizens. It appears that age discrimination is widespread across health and care services, present in day-to-day language where it is considered 'benign' and evident in beliefs, values and attitudes that perceive the older person as characteristically different from the rest of society. This view is reflected in the chronic under funding of social care for older people.
The Smiths, like many elderly within the population of Scotland, have ongoing health care costs, the need for social support, the need for education and up-to-date information pertinent to their social welfare and health needs, as well as idiosyncratic personal needs and expectations, such as assistance and support with their son going to court (Sim, 2005). ...
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