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Groupwork - Essay Example

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The term group dynamics implies the difference in individual behaviors depending on the connection, both present and prospective that the individual bears to the sociological group. Group dynamics is the field of study within the social sciences that focuses on the nature of groups…

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Group dynamics are increasingly becoming a topic of interest because of online, social interaction made possible by the internet.
Although this model refers to the overall pattern of the group,it should be noted that individuals within a group have distinct ways of working. If distrust persists, a group may never even reach the norming stage.
Group-dynamic games are experiential education exercises which aid people in learning about themselves, develop and enrich interpersonal relationships, and assess how groups function from a group dynamics or social psychological point of view.
Group dynamics can be understood as complex from an interpersonal relationships point of view because it may involve relationships between two people ,relationships between a person and a group or relationships between groups .
Group-dynamic games are specifically designed for the purpose of furthering personal development, character building, and teamwork via a Group-dynamic milieu. The group leader may sometimes also be the game leader, or between peers, the leadership and game-rules can vary.
Some games may require large spaces, special objects and tools, quietness or many before-game and after-game requirements. ...
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