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Essay example - Cognitive Development Theory

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Development of an individual's ability to learn and master intellectual skills is the focus of cognitive development theories.Intellectual growth is defined by overall biological and psychological advancement as affected by the surrounding environment…

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Cognitive development is related to socialization. A child's ability to judge social relations and gain sense of morality are largely dictated by his intellectual readiness and interaction with his environment (Levitt, n. d.)Cognitive development theory focuses on the following concerns: the specificity or generalizability of domains in cognitive ability changes; the occurrence and rate of change or the existence of qualitative different stages; the processes occurring in physical or psychological aspect of an individual; and the factors affecting development.Cognitive development theory makes sense of one's environment and physiological conditions at which an individual interacts and functions to provide a system by which the process of learning and teaching might understood and controlled for maximum and optimum cognitive development.On the nature and development of intelligence, cognitive theorists particularly Jean Piaget and Lev S. Vygotsky both consider "the role of environmental factors in shaping the intelligence of children, especially on a child's ability to learn by having certain behaviors rewarded and others discouraged" (Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence). ...
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