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Essay example - White Privilege.Views About White Previlige.

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US is considered to be the best example of modern and liberal form of civilization where supposedly people with many different ethnicities and backgrounds live together in harmony. But when we take a closer view things are not as simple and bright as they seem…

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It is visible in many examples that dominance of white skin over other races is an instinctive phenomenon and something nobody has to convey in words.

Many universities and their teachers are making attempts to counter this mentality of instinctive domination and privilege of whites over so called colored people. As more efforts are made to bring this sensitive issue of racism into lime light, the young students have started to feel more uncomfortable. This is because of the formation of American society where whites, blacks and many other races of people have lived together and now are immuned to all such gestures, feelings, terms and ways which could be considered racist in the past. Now in the classroom when such subjects are touched for discussion the white students often switch to defensive mode considering themselves a target of criticism and present arguments to show how much space they provide to other ethnicities. On the other hand the colored students also find themselves uncomfortable to be discussed as separate and distinct part of the nation as it only provokes prejudice against them.

Following have been a common outcome of all efforts to raise this issue. The idea behind such efforts is to teach students from all races to understand how their behaviors have been shaped and what have been the consequences of discriminations. ...
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