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Essay example - Flappers and 1920s

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In the history of fashion in America, the 1920s introduced an important term which referred to a 'new breed' of young women who dressed in short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and were prepared to show off their contempt for aspects resulting in the unacceptable behavior by the standards of the period…

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"Flapper culture set American society abuzz in the 1920s, jazz was becoming the musical craze of young people, hemlines were rising in girl's skirts in length, and in the backseats of automobiles. Modern society was emerging in the speech, fashions, and actions of young girls all over the country. The motion picture industry became an obsession for young men and women who dreamed of gracing the big screen and a luxurious life in Hollywood, or on Broadway." (Flapper Culture: Fashion and the Rise of Hollywood's Leading Lady) Therefore, it is important to realize that in 1920 flappers took the world of fashion by storm and the most important repercussions of the new culture was evident in the Hollywood film industry. Significantly, celebrity was becoming a buzzword during the period and women were discovering what life was 'really like'. In Hollywood fashion, Colleen Moore, the star of Hollywood's first big flapper hit movie Flaming Youth, became a high profile celebrity flapper and Mary Pickford, Clara Bow, and the flapper queen, Louise Brooks followed Moore's footsteps. An explanation, an analysis, and an evaluation of Flappers in the 1920s help us realize how women fashion was influenced by Hollywood and how it relates to the present day.
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