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The Gynecologic Oncology Group

The members of the organization place great trust in the Ingres database system. They see it as a reliable and accurate service which minimizes their costs yet helps them reach their goals.
Back when such a database service was not available to the group, correspondence was probably not as easy or efficient. Results would have been difficult to share or view and they probably took a while to publish and send out. Without the database provided by Ingres, the group might not have had as many members and its members were probably not able to participate as much. They would have announced successful and unsuccessful clinical tests through newsletters or journals, released in volumes which are separated by months at a time. Though this would still get the message through, the development in cancer research would not be as progressive and geographically extensive.
Atomic PR for Ingres. Gynecologic Oncology Group Relies on Ingres Database for Critical Cancer Research and Treatment. 7 April 2009. 8 April 2009 . ...
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The Gynecologic Oncology Group relies on an open source database powered by Ingres Corporation for storing the data they need as well as indirectly communicating with experts from medical institutions around the world. They use the database to enroll patients in clinical trials and submit the individual patient responses for further studies…
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