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Denver Art Museum

In the year 1918 the name was finally changed to Denver art museum and several galleries were moved to the museum. In the year 1954 the first wing called the Morgon Wing was built. The museum offers well over 1000 pieces of African art and in addition to this there are several exquisite pieces of Asian art too. This museum is run by Non-profit organization, this is separate from the state of Denver, it is primarily run on the sales tax collected and it also gets donations. These two things form the base of its existence.
"Founded in 1893, this seven-story museum has two distinct buildings. The main 1972 building, designed by Gio Ponti, is wrapped by a thin 28-sided wall faced with 1 million sparkling tiles. The second, a jagged, avant-garde addition, designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, opened in fall 2006, doubling the size of the museum and giving Denver a unique architectural highlight in the process." (Denver Art Museum)
There are special tours that the museum offers; From Tuesday to Saturday the visitors can have a good look at the collection in the museum. There are various gifts shops also in the museum. ...
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There are several museums all across the world but none is as special as the Denver art museum, this museum is located in Denver Colorado, it has many special features and this paper will comprehensively cover the specialities of this museum.
American Indian art is not found in every museum, the speciality of Denver art museum is that it has a great range of American Indian art which cannot be found in any other museum, this makes it truly unique and one of its kind…
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