Paulina Salinas and Noboru Kuroda

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The most interesting stories are those that not only appeal to the senses but also those which strike a chord in the hearts and minds of the audience. Fancy stories made for entertainment will be discussed but compositions involving human nature such as but not confined to political and social aspects will always be remembered and cherished.


Sometimes, however, writers can be similar in developing their characters.
Yukio Mishima's novel, The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea, and Ariel Dorfman's Death And The Maiden are two powerful and provocative stories that makes the audience contemplate on the meaning of being human with focus on the workings of the mind. These two stories evoke mixed feelings regarding the morality of an act and the application of justice achieve thru the portrayal of deeds committed and philosophical reasoning of its characters. However, one will notice that there are similarities between Paulina Salas of Dorfman and Noburo Kuroda of Mishima's story.
The interest of this aim of this paper is to analyze not only the perceived similarities but also the differences in the way Mishima and Dorfman introduces and develops the characters that I have just mentioned. To achieve this, I will first provide a background regarding the life of the writers followed by a summary of the two stories. I shall then proceed in delineating the similarities of the two characters followed by their differences and try to relate it with the similarity in the life experiences of the two authors. In the end, I will provide a conclusion addressing the degree of similarity of the two writers in developing their characters.
Yukio Mishima was a Japanese author and playwright who ...
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