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Contrast education (History of Education)

Massachusetts was the first state which implemented compulsory attendance laws in the educational sector. In 2004 their public expenditure for students per head was fifth in the country. They secured highest grade in the National Assessment of students as a mark of their progressive attitude towards education.
As far as Middle East colonies in United States are concerned the education was the responsibility of church as well as the family to which the students belong. During that time the aim of education was to bring up children as god fearing individuals. The implementations of all educational schemes were focusing towards the religious matters. Education was only a tool to uplift the religion and its wild customs. It was from these educational institutions that the lifestyle of the people of Middle East states were got molded. As time passed the religion developed least interest on education and the system of public schooling has completely vanished from American colonies. Nowadays the government has proper control over all educational institutions in the states. Thus the history of education in old Massachusetts and Middle and Southern states have got some remarkable differences. ...
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In the field of education Massachusetts have very strong historical backgrounds. They are considered as the homeland of all renewed preparatory schools, colleges and universities. This was the first state which started school of grammar in each municipality…
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