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The Yellow Wallpaper

Barbara A. Suess sees the symbols as an agent to overcome the lack of Lacanian "Imaginary" language beyond the "Symbolic Order" or what cannot be symbolized. Thus every fragment of her unique sense of the self is a mosaic of reactions to the "Wallpaper" and within the "dead paper" of her journal where she uses masculine utterances to give vent to her silenced self. Hence she can only grapple at visual details that correspond to the vague images of her mind that has only found a corresponding "objective correlative" in the wallpaper. Suess calls this her attempt to "create a new order" (Suess, 84). The wallpaper is the canvas where she objectifies herself. The "patterns" of her condition when projected subjectively with expressionistic detail over the wallpaper only appear "gruesome" to her. Slowly one can observe a change in her as she tires herself out and goes out of her way to "think" out a pattern and etch out a space of her own. Suddenly she sees a crack within the interminable and exhaustive "patterns" as they appear as "bars". And beyond that she finds herself buried underneath that charade of "self-control" and "will". Another startling effect is produced by the symbol of daylight and moonlight. ...
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The internal assertions voiced through the multiple voices in the use of metaphors, the setting and the foreshadowing comprising the obsessive narration of the narrator and the author attempt to grasp the hysteria of female experience. "The Yellow Wallpaper" only shows the futility writing to pen down female experience…
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