Death Penalty in California

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The Death Penalty in United States was first introduced, in consonance with the federal law on June 25, 1790, with the hanging of Thomas Bird for murder in Maine. Since its inception, as per the studies on Capital Punishment, 340 persons including 4 women have been sentenced to death penalty and executed under the Federal Law.


The executions also included convictions for piracy, rape, rioting, kidnapping, spying and espionage. The death penalties were also executed by the State Government laws. However, in 1972, the United States Supreme Court upheld that all the state death penalty laws were not in accordance with the constitution since they permitted for random and unpredictable adoptions. (The Federal Death Penalty)
Since the federal statute has similar weaknesses as that of the state laws, no death sentence adopting the older federal statutes has been upheld. During the year 1988, the new Federal Death Penalty law was passed for murder in the course of a drug-kingpin conspiracy. This statute has been formulated in consonance with the statutes approved by the Supreme Court after its 1972 ruling. During the year 1994 the federal death penalty was expanded to include about 60 different crimes. The federal death penalty statute has the jurisdiction over any individual in any state or territory of the US convicted of the murder of certain government officials, kidnapping giving rise to death, murder for hire, fatal drive by shootings, sexual abuse crimes giving rise to death, car jacking resulting in death and also some crimes not ending with death such as managing a rampant drug business. (The Federal Death Penalty)
In California 13 persons have ...
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