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TQM assignment

Hotels such as Hilton spend millions in advertising so as to attract and retain customers.
The internal customers; refers to a set of services directed towards the workers working in the hotel. These include the front office personnel, the management of the hotel, different department and vendors and consultant. The internal customer is usually neglected in the big hotels and this has ripple negative effects on the external customer.
Such a question will help the managerial team determine the level of customer satisfaction as well as provide an answer to the improvement question. Question should gear towards, services quality, speed and other aspects.
Different customers will give different views about the hotel improvement methods. The list of the variables may be too long. For example one customer can talk about improving the time required to serve client, while another may comment about improving quality. The hotel management may be faced by numerous solutions and may not have capacity and capability of fulfilling each client wants.
(This is volition of rule number 4) which stipulates that "train the trainer" is unacceptable as this progresses the error. The error increases as the levels of training increases. Rule number 4 assumes 'no memory'. ...
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Total quality management refers to a set of skills used for managing and improving the work. It emphasizes on continuous improvement. It integrates basic management techniques and improves the already existing techniques.
Internal customers: It is used to describe the set of people and colleagues working within the same organization and institution where the services are being provided…
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