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The case study shows that the company has recently had great changes made in the upper management and has hired many of the middle management persons from other companies. The company has also added to its staff many fresh and out of college engineers to help optimize production and lower the cost of the production.


Some of the employees are even fearing for their jobs if they complain about the work environment. Employees are also concerned that management is not adhering to company policies, yet forcing the employees to follow company policies. Employees feel resentment over this .
Because of the overwhelming production schedule, Frontline Supervisors are not training employees properly and they leave a lot of the decision- make up to the hourly employees. Some of the employees are voicing concerns that because of the lack of communication, professional development and leadership from management, they are concerned for their personal safety.
However it comes to the attention that Frontline Supervisors are not happy, either. Their concerns are that no one from upper management will back them up when it comes to making technical or managerial decisions.
Here the only solution to the problem that we can see is that there is no communication among the employers and the employees. There needs to be a communication between the employers and the employees so that the problems are solved and sorted out. In the case study we see that there are many issues among the employees that they are afraid to discuss with the higher authorities having the fear in there minds that they will get fired consequently.
Here the authorities also seem to be in trouble. ...
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