Sociological Imagination Essay

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During 1959, CW Mills wrote that "people often feel that their private lives are a series of traps." Accordingly, the specific reason why people feel trapped is their limited perception of what is happening in their personal lives. Mills argued that "their visions and their powers are limited to the close-up scenes of job, family [and] neighbourhood," and are not able to fully understand the greater sociological patterns related to their private troubles.


Or stating otherwise, people are not yet aware of the sociological imagination which can help them better understand their personal, social, and historical dimensions of their lives. This thesis is further supported by real world examples.
During 2004, the Life Matters broadcast proved that present-day women experiences tension regarding their perceived housekeeping responsibilities. Programs like these features discussions which focus on the rising pervasiveness of domestic advice and support services. These women feel that they are trapped being a house maker and cannot cope with their required responsibilities. Sociologist Susan Maushart further argued that these situations resulted as women became confused with the achievements attained by feminism and cultural expectations that women are house makers.
Any of us is not exempted to these traps. ...
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