Company Research of Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart is the operator or retail stores in two main formats, Wal-Mart Stores and SAM's Club, in different countries. Its Wal-Mart Stores features supercenters, discount stores and neighborhood markets. On the other hand, SAM's Club offers warehouse club membership.


This means that 537 new international stores have been added to Wal-Mart's retail space. To enhance its international operations, the company has also experienced switch in leadership roles. Mr John Menzer is now in charge of US operations and several other divisions, while Mr Mike Dune currently heads international operations.
In view of the recent developments, it can be seen that the company is seeking to grow externally as it focuses on its international operations. Moreover, Wal-Mart continues to have a positive outlook as it remains committed to the improvement of merchandise mix by constantly offering new products that target a wide market range. The firm also continues to control expenses as it implements various cost-cutting measures such as the recruiting of younger and healthier workers to save on healthcare cost.
Given the company's strategy, I believe that continuous growth may be expected as Wal-Mart focuses on expanding internationally. With the firm's established brand equity not only in the US but throughout the world as well, it could easily capture a fair share of the overseas retail market. Accompanied by an appropriate financial strategy, the company's expansion binge may have a positive effect on the value of its shares.
This conclusion is further supported by the firm's financial prudence. ...
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