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Annotated Bibliography example - Athletes as Role Models

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Annotated Bibliography
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This article emphasizes the fact that athletes are already working as role models for children by displaying great values in their respective field of sports. They are definitely demonstrating higher levels of attentiveness, diligence, determination, training, rational behavior, respect for rules, sportsman spirit, elegance while playing in stress, endeavor for achievement…

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Most of them are already acting so and there are only few who make troubles like breaking general civil law etc. and have earned a bad name for all others. The author believes that all professional should be the role models for general public whether they are athletes or in some other profession. He points out that people do not comment a lot when a mistake is made by a doctor or a lawyer but sports celebrities are immediately caught which is quite unfair.
Dr. Connor asks that are the millions spent on the quest for Olympic gold really value for money. The investment is meant to buy success, create role models and encourage engagement, but it does not. The Olympics was founded on participation and the "spirit" of sport. We have now moved so far into ugly nationalism and crass commercialism. The role-model argument is an obvious furphy. Nary has a week gone by without yet another scandal involving an elite athlete - be it drugs, alcohol or violence. As role models, they certainly are poor choices. Athletes, by definition, are obsessive often to the point of being clinically compulsive in their behavior.
The author of this article has presented two contradicting views of people about athletes and their conduct as role model. ...
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