Blending of Two Cultures

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Culture generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activities significance and importance. It is with which everyone in the society are identified. Cultures both embrace and resist change, depending on culture traits.


These inter ethnic marriages have grown in large scale in last for or five decades owing to increase in globalization and consequent interdependency.
The inter cultural relationship brings about a lot of changes in the society. It may be either positive or negative. It may create discrimination in society, as is the case with black slavery, or it may induce formation of new cultures through interethnic marriages. It creates contact between two ethnic groups and there is corresponding cultural change in them to accommodate the new culture. There has been a drastic change in their art, architecture, music and many others.
With current trends of globalization, these inter ethnic cultural studies and their impact on society is gaining importance. Nowadays not just two cultures interact, but its interaction of many different ethnic groups and their effect on individuals is of great importance.
The example taken for study in this case is that of European- American Black Native or Black African cultural Blend. The very base of American culture rests on these intercultural marriages. America is made of people from different countries and cultures. They either mix with Native American Indians or mix among themselves to create new cultures.
The European culture is by itself is made up of a series of overlapping cultures. ...
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