Wall Mart Audit

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Carter Cast was appointed as the head of U.S. business strategy, and Raul Vazquez has been appointed as the President and Chief Executive of Wal-Mart. John Fleming was appointed as Chief Merchandising officer and Stephen Quinn was promoted as Chief Marketing Officer.


John Fleming and Stephen Quinn were associated with the three-year plan proposed by Eduardo Castro-Wright, former president and Chief Executive of Wal-Mart Stores U.S., the objective of the plan was to increase sales and profitability (Andrew, 2007). The authorities own more than fifty percent of the shares. The members and executives are internal, and no external members have remained affiliated with board of directors, however there have been certain exceptions in past. The stocks owned by the directors and executives have been traded privately. The members of the board of directors have contributed in vigilant manner; and have sufficient experience and qualification to execute their respective task.
Charles Holley, the Wal-Mart treasurer, commented that the shuffles at managerial levels "had been overplayed in the media", he regarded that shuffles are normal procedure, and adopted in Wal-Mart on routine basis so that management shall carry diversified experience. ...
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