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The world is now in the midst of an intense debate about the manner in which Islam is increasing coming under pressure on account of the terror related activities around the globe. The perpetrators of terror have been doing this in the name of Jihad, i.e. a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal…


The Indonesian example is one such example, which appears quite cruel for an ordinary person.
It was indeed quite upsetting to find how cruel we human beings can be towards each other, just in the name of Islam. Indonesian people are yet to come out of the trauma they experienced during the Tsunami when the Shariah laws are being implemented in Aceh province in a manner which reminds us of the Stone Age. On the one hand we are talking about equality in the society, women are entering fields which were till recently considered difficult for them, but on the other hand we have the example of women being prosecuted for working on a Sunday afternoon with her boss working in another room. Are we the citizens of the same world order
I felt peeved at the manner in which a lady is being shoved out of a hotel lobby, where she was having conversation with two of her lady friend, and the male colleagues standing nearby kept laughing and booing at them. Nobody thought it fit to reason out with the police officials that they are not doing anything illegal in the hotel lobby. What is more troubling is, what message is being sent out about Islamic laws by such an action
My culture has given me the values and teaching which do not allow ill-treatment of the female members of the society for the simple reason that they are bor ...
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