Website Development.The Recommended Activities. Part 1

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In the overview, the author tells us that, "Information architecture is the science of figuring out what you want your site to do and then constructing a blueprint before you dive in and put the thing together.


Squishy first looks at how to define your site's goals, shedding light on the all-important art of collecting clients' or co-workers' opinions and assembling them in a coherent, weighted order of importance. He also shares his scheme for documenting everything so that all parties can keep up" (Shiple, 2008, pg. 1). The purpose of this paper is to read through the Overview and Lesson 1, and carry out as many of the recommended activities as possible.

The author first and foremost wants his readers to understand why information architecture is so important. He claims that there are several steps to the process, and that they are as follows: define the site's goals, ask questions, filter the answers, and design document-site goals. The author believes that initiating information architecture is the first step since it is a foundation for great web design, all else is built upon it, it's incredibly effective, saves time and money in the long-run, and only takes basic to intermediate skills (Shiple, 2008).

In Step 1 of the information architecture process, one defines the site's goals. In doing this, he or she establishes clear ideas that are well documented; ensures everyone that should be participating is; determine who all should assist in developing goals; and decide if because of time constraints formal or informal goals should be developed (Shiple, 2008). ...
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