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Strategic Analysis of Samsung

As per Franniegold (2008), the company's brand value was at US 5.2 billion in 2000 ranked 43rd globally, in 2001 it was ranked 42nd with USD 604 billion and in the year 2005, Samsung was at position 20th among the first companies with brand value of 14.96 billion. The company has taken up 18.1 % of all the exports which contributes to the economy of Korea with 13.2% billion in 2000 and by 2004 it grew to 20.7% with Brand value of USD 52.7 billion. Its tax payments to the Korean Government in 2003 were KRW 6.5 trillion, 6.3% of the total revenues from tax. By the year 1997, Samsung market value shot up to KRW 7.3 trillion accounting to 10.3% of the Korean market. By 2004 it went up to KRW 90.8 trillion. The company's net annual profits in 2001 were KRW 5.8 trillion and in 2002 it went up to KRW 11.7 trillion. These figures shot up to KRW 15.7 trillion in 2004 indicating a steady increase.
Samsung annual profit growth is as follows: in 2001 it grew by 4.5 billion, in 2002 it reached $ 8.89 billion and in 2003 this figures shot up to $ 5.6 billion while $11.8 billion were recorded by the end o ...
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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is a manufacturing company concerned with production of telecommunication infrastructure systems, products of information technology and semiconductors. It traces its roots to North Korea and was established in 1983. The company's categories of its products include computers, TV sets, DVD players, LCD panels, digital cameras, printers, semiconductors such as RAMs, DRAMs, Flash memory as well as telecommunication gadgets such as networking switches and wireless phones…
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