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Business Ethics - Chemical company

It characterises Bethany, Boris stone, and the company to represent the case. The plant is new to manufacture lubricants of high standard that could be sold in the most competitive market at the highest price possible. The waste from the production process is to be dumped into the neighbouring river Don. Most of the chemical companies in the vicinity dispose their wastes into that river only. This company has the valid licences from the government authorities for waste disposal in that river. Bethany is very conscious about environment and intelligent enough to read the advanced requirements of maintaining the environment standard. She could note that the permission granted is to release more wastes in the river than anticipated in the past. There was need for introducing additional process in the plant that could reduce the wastes by recycling it and thereby save the river from bearing extra burden. But because the licensing authority had already given the permission the company did not feel the need for this additional cost involvement. The company took opportunity to utilize funds for other essential profit motives. The company, however, was responsible for protecting environment from waste materials and had declared this publicly. Bethany pointed out the need for additional process machinery to her supervisor and sought for his advice to do the needful. Her boss did not advise with positive notes. ...
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In order to assist Bethany, the product development manager of the chemical company, Lubchem to make decision to the question, seven steps analysis will be establishing in the context, combining with the analysis of 'means and ends' and ethical reasoning provide Bethany with an argued case…
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