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Susan Glaspells "Trifles"

Therefore the burden of a fair and just trial falls upon the shoulders of just two women. In Susan Glaspells' 1916 short play, "Trifles," it is up to Mrs. Hale, a farmer's wife, and Mrs. Peters, a Sheriff's wife, to weigh all the evidence they can gather, and then justifiably help to cover-up the strangling death of Mr. John Wright.
Indeed the men in the play give zero consideration to any of the women's opinions on the murder, their wives included. As far as the men are concerned nothing the two women could do would have too much bearing on the case. "Women are used to worrying over trifles," (Glaspell 02), says Mrs. Hale's husband. Women are only worried about how their house looks, how their preserves are keeping on the shelf, and "whether to quilt it or knot it," (Wells 04) when it comes to sewing blankets. The young attorney Mr. Henderson isn't worried because as far as he can see Mrs. Peter's is "married to the law," (Wells 06), and is a non factor in this case. She can't do much harm by bringing in a few women's things to the accused Mrs. Wright. The three men have already passed their judgment on the accused woman and are only looking for the final piece of the puzzle, the last nail in the coffin of Mrs. Wright. Twice the attorney is close to finding some solid evidence out about the relationship between the accused woman and her husband, asking Mrs. ...
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At a time in American history when a woman was judged solely on how clean she kept a man's house and how many healthy children she bore that man, it would be impossible for a poor Farmer's wife with no children and a filthy house to draw any support as a sympathetic figure…
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