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Rusting Process

This is due to the need of replacing corroded metal tools and structures to preserve functionality and safety (Roberge; Lancashire).
The rusting process is a complex reaction involving various stages upon the contribution of different compounds and production of derivatives. Rusting is an electrochemical process that occurs in the presence of water or moisture and source of electrolyte. This process cannot proceed to any considerable extent if any of the said requirements is not present. When the metal is in the air, there should be more than 50% relative humidity while above 80% relative humidity results to severe rusting of bare metal (Lancashire 3).
Above are the conditions that are conducive to corrosion of metals but the reason behind why metals or any other substance corrode in the first place need to be answered. Corrosion is an opportunity for metals to deteriorate. Metals like most substances need to undergo this process to be able to combine electrochemically with other substances in order to form new compounds. ...
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Rusting or the formation of rust is also referred to as corrosion in metals or more commonly in iron materials. It is a chemical reaction which occurs on the surfaces of these materials and is characterized by production of fine particles with distinct discoloration, more commonly in brown or brick red hue…
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