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Essay example - The Africaness of Ancient Egyptian Art

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When we talk of Ancient Egypt and its marvels we often see it as a phenomenon separate from the African continent. We forget that Ancient Egypt belonged to this continent and as such had strong cultural links, which could not help but come about through geographic proximity…

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Egypt and the African civilizations surrounding came into closer contact largely through political domination and trade. Egypt built some of its strongest ties with Nubia, located in what is now Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Nubia was home to one of the earliest black civilizations, dating back to 3100 b.c. It was also rich in gold, ebony and ivory and would contribute greatly to Egyptian wealth.
Egypt's relations with Nubia from 1950 b.c to 1100 b.c. have been noted as being one largely of domination. During this time period Nubia adopted many aspects of Egyptian culture, such as the hieroglyphic writing system and the worship of Egyptian gods, although in many respects they adapted them to their own practices and rituals.
In recent years the discovery near Thebes of a tomb dating back to 1575 b.c has led to renewed interest on the nature of relations between the two nations. The finding consists of 22 lines of hieroglyphics, which describe the invasion of the Sudanese Kingdom of Kush in Egypt. Mamdouh El-Damadi, the director general of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo emphasized the importance of the inscription in understanding Kushite ambitions in Egypt (El-Ahram, p. 10). ...
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