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Apple's climb back from the depths of bankruptcy

To rescue the company from this mess, the marketing manager ought to have used marketing mix appropriately as follow:-
Apple should have used the correct promotional mix for their product. This mix concerns how the Apple should have made their product known to the market. This involves the use of advertisements, direct selling, public relations and sales promotion. When an appropriate promotion is used to make the product to be known to the market, it creates a big impact on the sales since customers will be aware of the existence of the product and they will not only buy it but also recommend it to their friends and relatives.
The kind of a product that will be produced by Apple creates a very big impact on the sales. For this case, product planning and marketing for Apple should be done appropriately to ensure the concern of the market is addressed.
Apple Company should have ensured their products are distributed on time to the market so that they are available at the market when they are needed by the customers. For this case, the distribution channel to be used by the company plays a big impact on the success of the company. Apple Company must have ensured their products were distributed to a wide geographical location to increase the market share.
Why do you think companies like Sony, which were already well known for Walkman and Discman technologies did not move into the MP3 player market more quickly Why was it left t ...
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In order for Apple to climb back from the depths of the bankruptcy, the marketing manager must should have studied the wants and needs of their customers or the market and large and then come up with a marketing strategy that is appropriate using marketing mix.
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