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New Media

"To say that the Internet with its millions of end users operating 24 hours per day is a complex system would be one of the greatest understatements of the 21st century" (Miller, 2004, p.1).
Complex consequences of such progress of information-communication technologies for the sphere of media today still cannot be estimated unequivocally. It is obvious, that such development means technological evolution of traditional media. An example of transformation of wired networks in independent sector of the media industry has already shown, that the creation of new technology of distribution of television signals has led to occurrence of the new form of the television business offering to audience a new product and new services. The similar chain is observable by consideration of a course of technological progress in other media. In general it can be presented as follows:
What counts as new media is often debated, and is dependent on the definitions used. There is no one united definition for the term 'new media'. ...
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The major feature of the nature of media rendering serious influence on media economics is their dependence on technological progress in information-communication sphere. Traditionally dependable on technological progress and political changes media systems today are remarkable for the special dynamism in their development…
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