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The video stories suggest that hiring and development of employees are the main priorities of modern organizations. The entrepreneurs tell that employment relations are the most complex issues on modern organizations. Conducting employment relations within an organization requires significant cooperation from management because of the staff time and coordination involved.


Managers and business owners should not exercise their managerial prerogative without interference from the other actors in the employment relationship because it will violate rights of employees and threaten their freedoms.
The main practices which lead to success are careful analysis of personalities and qualification of employees. Managers state that employees should have the same core values, attitudes and aptitudes as the company. Also, they have experience in business and a great desire to work for the company. Even if employees lack skills and knowledge, the company will teach and educate them in order to develop the right person. Workers can address job issues with their employer through direct communication to bring actual and desired conditions closer together. The voice mechanism is superior to the exit one because, as firms address the concerns of their existing labor force, workers are more likely to remain with the firm. Managers and entrepreneurs admit that if there is less turnover of skilled employees so it helps the company to reduce the cost of hiring and training new employees.
The organization could hire employees taking into account their analytical and practical skills. ...
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