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The Strategic Growth Plan for an SME - Essay Example

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'Journey of a hundred miles begins with one single step', goes the saying. Business enterprise too is the fulfillment of the aspirations and ambitions of the human kind. Therefore, it is worthwhile here to say that any large company starts out as small company when some hobbyists become entrepreneurs…

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The Strategic Growth Plan for an SME

At that time nobody appeared to be interested in the product. But today Microsoft Vista is widely reviewed and talked about even before its formal launch. lacked a degree of functionality and achieved little popularity. Coke started off in 1886 when in May 1886 Dr. John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia started selling for five cents a glass. The first year of operation ended with the figures of $50 worth of sales Vs the production cost of $70 i.e. a net loss of $20. Today Coca-Cola Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Infosys Technologies, a global consulting and IT services company was founded with some borrowed money by it founder Narayana Murthy. But today it is managing the IT needs of world's who's who in the business field.
Small and Medium Enterprises is therefore the beginning of a giant stride for business strategists and determined entrepreneurs. SMEs need to improve their business skills to help them survive and grow. What is required to make an SME a competing and a big company is a vision and a strategic growth plan implemented with grit and determination by the owners/ managers. ...
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