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Essay example - City Development in Northen Virginia and Seoul

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Housing Development in Northern Virginia leaves a lot to be desired. The main reason behind this is poor City planning. The transport network is poorly coordinated, houses have been constructed haphazardly and local authorities have minimal powers. Seoul serves as an exemplary case study because they have incorporated all the above issues in their plans.1

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If all the above are available and conveniently, located, then communities may live well. However, if houses are built in such a way that they are dispersed or in isolation, then chances are that local governments/ other stakeholders will have to spend huge sums on this. 2
Additionally, such poor city plans cause excessive consumption of fuel, wastage of time when getting from one point to another and limited productivity. Excess use of resources also aggravates the situation. When Cities or towns build their houses in distant locations, then tax payers will have to spend huge sums of their money in constructing access roads.
However, Northern Virginia lacks some of these features. In Accomack County, a whooping eighty percent of the employees in the area work within it. Therefore, the remaining percentage has to travel to other destinations found outside it. On the other hand, thirty four percent of the workers in Prince William County work within it. The remaining workers have to go outside the county. This implies that almost seventy percent of workers in some other county have to move to another county when going to work. 3
The overall result of these changes is ...
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