the origin and early expansion of Islam

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The place of origin of the second largest religion 'Islam' is Arabia in the Middle East now known as Saudi Arabia, this is the place where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born. The religion originated from the home town (Mecca) of the Holy Prophet, and it later took a more concise and defined form in the city of Medina, where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) migrated with his followers in the year A.D.


This beginning of the new religion as well as a civilization continued even after the death of the Prophet Muhammad; the religion spread quite readily across the world, but still Islam showed tolerance and gave space to other religions. One clear example in this regard is of the Jewish community settled in the Medina after an Islamic society was established there. The Jewish people were given the right to keep following their religious customs, and were granted cultural independence which was so lax that it also allowed them to observe Jewish religious laws; the Muslims in return gained the Jew's political loyalty towards the Muslim rulers. Later on in history as well, Jews enjoyed liberty and privileges during the Muslim rule in countries like Egypt, Turkey as well Iran. Another example of a co-existing as well as a conflicting religion (to Islam) is Christianity which enjoyed the same privileges (Esposito, 2002).
The tribes in Arab region worshipped various pagan gods, and there were three major monotheistic religions in that area, Hebrew, Christianity, and a monotheism religion developed by Persians knows as Zoroastri ...
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