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The organizational changes

Most people will fear change because of the fear of the unknown .Most employees imagine that they know nothing about what is about to be introduced and therefore at the back of their minds they imagine that the worst is about to happen. Employees therefore make what they don't know to being their rationale of reasoning hence resistance comes in (Stark, 2009).
While many people acknowledge that change is important, they fear that that new changes will have negative consequences on them and therefore they will create obstacles to prevent change. Another reason why people resist change is that, they have deep rooted fear in their minds and therefore any attempt towards organizational change is met with great resistance. Some people hold on to their past because they feel more secure and it is usually predictable. Other people will resist because they have succeeded in the past and therefore, if change is undertaken, then it is viewed as being unfavorable to them. ...
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This is a powerful business strategy that has widely been used by organizations to determine their strengths, weakneses, opportunities and threats that they are exposed to while carrying out their businesses. This analysis is helpful to identify organizational change because the organization is able to minimize on the threats and weakness while optimizing on the opportunities and Strengths…
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