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Considering an undeniable factor that the process of change management in our institutions has been a reason of continuous concern, this issue has been extensively discussed over the last 40 years. Despite the many facets and aspects that play a part in the process of change management in schools, there is no identifiable structure or crisp definition for it…


But here this paper instead of filling its contents with intentional verbosity, our approach is quite goal-oriented. In addition, many of these research areas are further convoluted with links and interactions to other, nor-related research that need to be considered. Finally, the lack of accurate measurability severely hampers the statistical assessment of suitability of a stated hypothesis. But this paper is rather unconventional and attempts to dig out the actual problems and stumbling blocks that hamper the process of change management in our institutions. While above-mentioned factor pertaining to the lack of accurate measurability is true for the entire field of education, it is particularly acute in researches directly related on such topics. For this reason, published articles have the search for an explanation of actions and phenomena in common as a general rule all, albeit from different points of views. But this paper is, as mentioned above is rather goal-oriented fraught with realistic recommendations and suggestions. Despite the fact that the field of this issue has attracted some of the best researchers within the educational realm, the lack of unity in opinion as well as a structured overview is outmost apparent. ...
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