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Liberty and Government - Term Paper Example

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Liberty and Government

But when it comes to good government, another fact about British government is that it is among the group of highest performing countries in the world. In order to analyze Britain with reverence to good government let us first point out the basic requirements that a government need to become a good government and that are:
People who are elected or appointed should know their roles and job in order to maintain good accountability. Whereas, good people here mean to empower the front line who can administer well in political context and good process is better policy and law making. Trust between those who are governed and those who govern will maintain the good standards. Moreover outcome of the actions will prove that government was performing well.
People being the majority have the right to opt, modify or eradicate their government which actually is the soul of democracy. It is though difficult for a government to take care of freedom of every individual as it some how can affect others emotions and one of the most sensitive matters is to make a policy to provide religious freedom to every individual especially in a religion that seize abundant sects like Christianity. After the revolution American puritans strove hard to create a pure church and a thoroughly Christian society. Puritanism is the most criticized religion in American history and their self righteous attitude was a cause of English civil war and American Revolution. Puritan basically was a name given to people who criticized or wished to purify the Church of England by Anglicans. Puritans were divided into two groups:
Separating puritans
Non separating puritans
The basic difference between both groups is that one believe that Christians church of England is corrupt and puritan should separate themselves from it where as the other believe that they should not separate themselves but should reform the church respectively.
John Winthrop was the member of puritan faction with in the established church of England and had given the suggestions to make colonies. He wanted to transform the world by making an ideal colony. As Winthrop believes that love is the most important element that binds the whole body together so he wanted to make a system where every body should respect and care for each other. Moreover Puritans no doubt have developed the improved education system of England.
Apart from Winthrop there were some other important entities who believed that Puritanism should be practiced as a religion and those who did so are supporting devil. John Cotton was among such people. He was puritan minister and was of the same view that Winthrop was that is to become a "city upon the hill" Thomas Jefferson has criticized such thinking of Puritans and believes that no one can force any one to follow a particular ...Show more


The relationship between liberty and good government is very strapping. Both of them depend on each other in order to get effective result as good government is indispensable to promote liberty and autonomy is the soul of good government.
Liberty is basically a concept of political philosophy or in other words we can say that it is a condition where an individual is set free to act according to his or her on will but the definition of liberty is a bit different in the dictionaries of the founders as described by Holcombe "Liberty for the founders meant that the government would protect the rights of individuals but would have minimal involvement in their economic affairs."1
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Liberty and Government essay example
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