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Case Study example - Corporate Social Responsibility

Case Study
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Nestle has the advantage of having incorporated the concept of CSR into our management system since the birth of our corporation in 1867. The raw material of our product directly links us to thousands of farmers and their farmlands across the globe. Hence, it becomes naturally incumbent for us to follow the principles of sustainable environment.

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Or the company may choose to externalize CSR operations by assisting environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and concentrating on their business activities without actively getting involved with CSR issues.
The nature of CSR followed by us at Nestle is not too difficult to analyze because we are very clear about our fundamentals. CSR is so integrated in our system that it has become a part and parcel of our business. We are proud of our integration with CSR.
Different experts on management have different views about CSR. This difficulty is exasperating because it does not allow CSR to be clearly defined. However, the management at Nestle are agreed on the fundamentals of CSR. We have a mutually advantageous situation with CSR. That is, the benefits of CSR to Nestle are in direct proportion to the benefits that CSR receives from us.
Notwithstanding the fact that we have such advantageous link with CRS, there are areas that we could explore for further benefits. Hitherto, we have not made any research on the actual amount of benefits that we could source from CSR. In this paper, we will lay an outline of the areas where we believe there are plenty of businesses that we can generate through CSR (Chen, Derek; 2009).
It is not be possible to measure the social responsibilities. ...
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