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Essay example - "What If?"

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As the Earth is depleted in resources, and none of the available options within the problem include finding ways to maintain life of some from on Earth, we need to think about the assumptions we are making to solve our problem…

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If we are unable to establish some form of communication with others 'out there', there option of diplomatic advancement becomes extremely constrained. Hence, it is highly unlikely that we would be able to colonize any other planet.

If we assume that the population of Eden2 can be communicated with, then it is in our best interest to take a diplomatic approach. By virtue of our assumption that they may be more technologically advanced then Earth, it would be illogical for us to choose invasion. The odds are we would be stopped, or eliminated from existence. Either way we do not leave a good impression of our species with the population of Eden2. Alternatively they may have evolved a society that is non-violent or even pacifist; however, it would be illogical to think that they would not have defences of some sort, especially given their advancement in technology. For example, they may have an impenetrable barrier around the planet or their places of dwelling; or firepower that is activated by too close an approach to their planet or dwelling; or they may be able to disarm their foe by way of being able to phase-shift (i.e. become invisible). Hence, we would need to approach in a friendly manner, take a slightly submissive role as guests in their part of the galaxy who looking for somewhere to live.

We could assume that the population of Eden2 would want something in exchange for allowing us to colonize their planet, regardless of how friendly we are. ...
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