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Personal Statement for Entrance into the MBA Program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Admission/Application Essay
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Through the years I have gained impeccable knowledge between two cultural positions in my life; one with regard to my own background and the other through travel and work experience in a new and foreign country. I first discovered an interest in business administrative work when I initially left my homeland to seek new and exciting endeavors to further my own innate knowledge and to gain experience in the business world as well…

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Personal Statement for Entrance into the MBA Program

Though this was difficult I did not give up as giving up is not a part of my personal character.
I could say that my personality traits are what have driven me to excel in my personal educational and employment experiences. For instance, even though I could have left college after obtaining my first degree I decided to further my education and in 1999 I obtained another degree. This time this was in Art and it focused on the Japanese culture. The reason I wanted a mix between an American degree and a Japanese degree was so that I could be flexible in my work environments wherever they might have taken me. I also perceive that my strengths that I have such as, thriving in a fast paced environment, being multi-faceted, having strong trouble-shooting and problem solving skills, and being fluent in English and Mandarin have been great attributes for me in my education and again in my work. During previous years of college I managed to maintain a 3.2 GPA and for two semesters was on the Dean's list. ...
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