Introduction of e-banking

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The existing literature does not provide us with a suitable instrument to asses the impact of E banking on the functional model of the bank. Therefore a suitable instrument has been developed to quantify this assessment. The questionnaire has been developed in a manner that has preserved its internal cohesiveness; care has been taken to ensure that each question focuses on one particular issue.


This scale is regularly used for quantifying the opinions of the respondents (Han and Noh, 1999-2000 and Usoro, 1999).
Electronic Banking (e-banking) is an extremely fast growing segment in the banking sector throughout the world. It is an example where information technology is used as an enabler and a facilitator of business activities both inside and amongst the various types of organizations (Applegate et al., 1996). It is estimated by Forrester Research that e-banking transactions will grow in value to $590 billion by 2007. It is with the concurrent reform of banking regulations and technological advances occurring across the world, multiple consumers and businesses are currently able to carry out on-line activities without visiting a store, and companies can carry out transactions and serve clients without the necessity to set up infrastructure in a commercial district. Such a radical change is a direct consequence of the progress of information technology, particularly through mediums like Electronic Data Interchange and the Internet and the internal network of the organization. ...
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