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Transition Plan for preschool

Historically and recently there were number of incidents that relate to transitional change and the effect of unpreparedness was harsh. The fall of Great Berlin Wall and its outcome is still in the making and the recent financial crunch and the banks and governments unpreparedness and unexpectedness of this situation has led to more increasing crisis all over the world. (Mario and Marko, 2001) Schools have an important role to play in the lives of children in regard to their education and skills. The present challenges faced by schools are preparing them for the future studies.
Children in kindergarten should be assessed on various criterions like physical, emotional, linguistic and cognitive and work according to the requirement laid down in the code of practice. Children should be advised on all the issues of transition by preparing a proper transition plan. Children should be prepared well to take on the forthcoming challenges.
Schools have to pen down various measures and steps to ensure that transition in schools do not have harsh impact on students. Transition is planning for one's future after high school while still in high school. Though it is necessary that transition should take place, but schools have their own difficulties and challenges in regard to standard of education and curriculum
The schools must lay down procedures to tackle such issues through ...
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Transition means the movement of time or phase, after the passing of which is considered as past. The time or space between the passings of such events is termed as transition. After transition takes place, the things or state are never like before, as it is said, change is inevitable…
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