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Ontario Government's Energy Policy

On the other hand, hydroelectricity which depends on the water for production of power has been affected by the chaining volume of water due to the changing climate. This has prompted many countries to look for alternative sources of power to satisfy their energy demand. Notable nuclear power and other renewable sources like wind and solar energy are slowly being accepted in the world as alternative sources of reliable and environmental friendly energy.
Canada has a long history of electricity planning can be traced to the 1906 Ontario public electricity utility. Ontario Hydro Electric Commission in 1925 which was later renamed Ontario Hydro construction one of the largest hydroelectric power plant in Queesnton Chippawa. This power plant was able to meet the electricity power demand for the country until the post war economic expansion period from 1950s. However there was constant expansion of the hydroelectricity power utility to match the rising demand. For the entire period, electricity as coming from the hydroelectric power which was made up of many smaller systems and therefore it was easy to manage
However, as the post war economy expanded, the country started facing power shortages and there were management problems in the efficiency of the existing hydroelectric power plants. ...
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With the demand for power rising in the world, there has been all effort to ensure that individual countries are becoming energy efficiency in their operations. The dominant source of power in the world has remained to the fossil fuel and hydroelectricity…
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