Western Traditions.

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Religious literature has contributed much in the beliefs and practices of various religions in the world. For one, scriptures and other religious text help document the occurrences and events and the rituals we continue to practice today.


Without religious text to support the faith, there will be no continuity of practices that will be handed down from generation to generation. Second, it has engaged individuals, even heretics to first interpret certain notable events and figures as we see them in each religion, or relate life events to these same religious indoctrinations and help people see beyond suffering. Next is learning to question long time traditions and beliefs in religion that either belie or undermine others which naturally mock the purpose of imparting goodwill to mankind through religion.
The center of Jewish intellectual life after the Babylonian destruction of the Jewish temple is completely debatable. Some would say it is in the central plains of Sahara, where the fruits of genetically altered plant species were cultivated to benefit early Byzantine human civilization. Some would say it would have shifted along with the axial tilt of the planet, to an estimated forty three degrees where old Mesopotamia was. Unfortunately, it cannot be determined with enough accuracy so as to be rendered fully ascertained. Still we can consider the events that transpired in order to determine when it actually occurred. ...
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